*March 2007, Zeus invested in two state-of-the-art Nissei molding machines; FN180 and FN220

*January 2008, Zeus added a 400 ton to our growing list of equipment

*July 2009, Zeus reinvested in a FN110 to help with our exploding growth

*July 2010, Zeus expanded and built a 2000 sq ft tooling department to offer added value to our current and growing customer base

*April 2011, Zeus purchased the first FNX 460 Nissei in the state of Florida

*December 2012, Zeus invested in a new HAAS VF3 milling center to balance production demands

*November 2013, Zeus relocated to a larger facility, having outgrown our original building years earlier

*April 2014, Zeus invested in 3-D printing technology to offer our customers another option to manufacturing

*November 2016, for our additional growth, we added a state of the art Haas VF2with a fourth axis machining center